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Riot Stock – Riot Blockchain (RIOT) stock has struggled to recover from the declines as a broader cryptocurrency sell-off wiped out its market value by $1 trillion. What new opportunities await in 2022 when China abandons crypto mining, and is RIOT stock a buy, sell or hold now?

RIOT, a bitcoin miner, is traded on the Nasdaq after changing its name and operations from Bioptics, a biological science technology company with a registered veterinary patent, in October 2017. Its market is currently at $1.75 billion (as of January 25). ), it ranks among the largest crypto mining companies in the US.

Riot Stock

RIOT’s stock price is tied to the fortunes of Bitcoin and is at least partially driven by the price of the cryptocurrency.

Riot Blockchain’s Transformation Means Now Is The Time To Buy (nasdaq:riot)

RIOT’s 48.87% drop over the past three months closely follows Bitcoin’s 40.77% drop over the period. RIOT’s price increases come at a time when demand for Bitcoin is increasing, albeit at a more moderate pace.

RIOT Blockchain’s stock price is currently in a volatile position, trading near the bottom of its 52-week range. The share price of $15.13 (as of January 24, 2021) is near the low end of the 52-week range of $14.90.

This indicates the extreme volatility of the company’s shares in the past year. While the link to Bitcoin remains firm, the stock also fell on disappointing earnings results in November that fell short of analysts’ targets, resulting in a daily decline of more than 16% on November 16, 2021.

The stock’s value is already down 32.24% through January. Its closing price of $15.13 at the end of January 24, 2022 represented a daily gain of 0.9% after falling 14.14% on January 21, giving the company a market cap of $1.75 billion US.

Why Shares Of Riot Blockchain, Silvergate Capital, And Hut 8 Mining Are Rising Today

RIOT Blockchain technical analysis shows that the miner may return to “buy” territory. One-day oscillators suggest that the company is in a buy position, with the Relative Strength Index (RSI) sitting in underbought territory at 27.30.

However, the stock’s moving averages give a strong bearish signal as 13 out of 15 indicators are in the “Sell” position, including the 18.17 exponential moving average and the 18.67 simple moving average.

The MACD (moving average convergence divergence) reading of -2.76 is also suggesting a sell position. A modest gain in the stock on January 24 means investors may be more attracted to the technicals.

The company is weakening at its current value and after breaking the S1 support levels there may be a real possibility that the stock will fall further to the S2 support at $9.09 with a pivot point of $28.33. Last seen during the stock decline in early December.

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RIOT Blockchain has deployed around 8,000 application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) miners at its Oklahoma cryptocurrency mining facility, which is due to be released in early 2021, helping their total number exceed 15,000.

Company is part of a growing cohort increasing the country’s share of Bitcoin mining. According to the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance, a crackdown on crypto mining in China helped the US

Cryptocurrency mining remains a highly profitable activity, with daily bitcoin mining earnings averaging about $45 million in the second week of January – like bitcoin, which fluctuates rapidly.

RIOT recently raised its self-mining hash rate forecast for 2022 to 12.8 exahash per second (EH/s) from a forecast of 9 EH/s in December as the company increased its miner count to more than 29,000.

If You Invested $1,000 In Riot Blockchain At Its Covid 19 Low, You’d Have This Much Now

While the hash rate of RIOT is above the current Hive figures of 1.7 EH/s, it will dwarf that of Marathon, which is expected to be 13.3 EH/s in mid-2022 and 23.3 EH/s in late 2033. s will reach.

This comes amid another battle for margins in the mining industry. According to, transaction fees paid by miners have decreased over the past six months, while network difficulty has increased significantly over the same period.

The concerns are growing among US officials.

That number would put the U.S. it. In the top 23 most energy intensive countries and a country that supplies more than 60% of the UK’s energy needs. The last US it. Government hearing on the use of crypto energy is likely to be the beginning of further investigation. If Bitcoin cannot find a way to become more environmentally friendly, its mining potential may be limited.

Why Bitcoin, Coinbase, And Riot Platforms Are Moving Higher Today

The latest results, released on November 15, 2021, show that RIOT Blockchain had a strong revenue growth but at the same time failed to make a profit.

The company’s revenue increased dramatically as the Bitcoin price increased between Q3 2020 and Q3 2021. Total revenue increased 2,532% to $64.8 million and mining revenue increased 2,099% to $53.6 million.

The revenue was not only driven by the rise in the price of Bitcoin, but also by increased production of cryptocurrency, which increased 482% to 1,292 bitcoins in the quarter, up from 222 bitcoins in the third quarter of 2020.

Despite being on a downtrend, the median price of bitcoin is likely to be above the Chaos-calculated average of $41,837 for the third quarter of 2020 in the last three months of 2020, especially after a spike in November.

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Revenue growth for the fourth quarter of 2021 may be more disappointing because Bitcoin experienced heightened volatility at the end of the fourth quarter of 2020, but the stable average price mentioned above may cushion the company’s next earnings call.

Despite the strong revenue growth of the Bitcoin wave, the company still posted huge losses. Selling, general and administrative expenses were $40.3 million and were the primary reason for the company’s total loss of $69 million.

The cost in the form of cryptocurrency mining and data center housing was over $25 million. Net loss for the quarter was $15.3 million, which translates to -$0.16 per share, below analyst estimates for earnings per share (EPS) of $0.25.

The high fixed costs associated with the mining process are a concern – it can be as simple as cryptocurrency.

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Despite the ongoing decline, analysts remain convinced that RIOT stock will recover and start growing in 2022.

Based on eight analyst reports compiled by MarketBeat, RIOT’s average share price target for the next 12 months is $44.88, a significant increase from the current share price. RIOT stock forecasts have ranged from a low of $30 to a high of $50. All eight analysts have given the stock a “buy” recommendation.

Good reviews for the stock in January include HC Wainwright’s price target of $50 and B. Riley’s downgrade of RIOT’s stock price forecast to $53. Northland Securities’ lowest target of $30 still represents upside potential of 41.98% as the Date of the report.

Although analysts rarely make long-term forecasts, Wallet Investor’s outlook for RIOT reflects the volatility inherent in the cryptocurrency industry.

Riot Blockchain Stock Price Ripping, But Patience May Be Required

The algorithm-based forecasting service forecasts a close of $66.68 in December 2023, rising to $72.80 in December 2025. A five-year forecast for RIOT stock puts its forecast at $32.25 in January 2027.

Mid-term, AI Pickup looks more upbeat for the stock, but still offers plenty of upside ahead of a sharp correction at the end of the decade. The stock is forecast to average $46.21 in 2026 before falling to $11.21 in 2030.

Note that predictions can be wrong. Forecasts should not be used as a substitute for your own research. Always do your own due diligence before investing. And never invest or sell money you can’t afford to lose.

Whether RIOT will come back to buy territory depends on the outlook of Bitcoin price. If Bitcoin recovers, RIOT with improved Bitcoin mining capabilities will be a good buy for 2022 in the medium term. Note that cryptocurrency mining is a new industry and carries high risks.

Riot Stock: There Are Problems With Buying Riot Blockchain Here

Based on eight analyst reports compiled by MarketBeat, the average price target for RIOT stock in the next 12 months is $44.88, which is an upside of the current stock price. RIOT stock forecasts have ranged from a low of $30 to a high of $50.

Note that the predictions of analysts may be wrong. Forecasts should not be used as a substitute for your own research. Always do your own due diligence before investing. And never invest or sell money you can’t afford to lose.

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Here’s Why Marathon Digital Holdings, Riot Blockchain, And Canaan Crashed In April

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