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Pltr Stock – Since its public premiere in November 2022, ChatGPT OpenAI has taken the world by storm. Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT ), Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG ) (NASDAQ: GOOG ) and many other investors and technology companies have enthusiastically jumped on the artificial intelligence bandwagon. ), Baidu (NASDAQ: BIDU ) and Alibaba (NYSE: BABA ).

However, it should not be forgotten that Palantir Technologies Inc (NYSE: PLTR ) has been using AI since its inception to manage and analyze data, while also training AI algorithms for various end uses such as the military, technology companies, healthcare and oil. Then came the gas industry and others.

Pltr Stock

Tesla ( TSLA ) has similar ambitions, aiming to build fully self-driving cars that rely on AI capabilities through a vision-based approach by launching Optimus, the world’s first humanoid AI robot, in October 2022.

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With Boston Dynamics’ more advanced AI-equipped Atlas robot and XPeng Inc’s (NYSE: XPEV ) Unicorn robot, it’s clear that the AI ​​market is going to be very competitive indeed. End-to-end use cases across industries.

Meanwhile, while PLTR’s software may not be publicly available as a free demo compared to an online chatbot, its AI tools are actually quite useful for existing consumers. This accounts for FQ4’22’s excellent 115% net dollar retention rate. The use cases widely covered by ChatGPT are effectively summarized as:

One of Palantir’s flagship products is Palantir Gotham, a big data analytics platform that enables organizations to integrate, manage and analyze large data sets from multiple sources. It is designed to help users make sense of complex data by providing a single, centralized interface for accessing and querying multiple data sources… enabling users to create comprehensive views of their data and gain insights that were not traditionally possible. analysis tool. (Daily Palantir)

Meanwhile, its residual transaction value was shown to be excellent at $3.7 billion in FY2022, up slightly from $3.8 billion in FY2021 and up 32.1% from $2.8 billion $ in fiscal 2020. In particular, the company expects to report this amount over the next three years, indicating the sustainability of its multi-year contracts regardless of the near-term macroeconomic outlook.

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So while PLTR may temporarily suffer from a drop in business demand during a period of tight corporate spending, we don’t think that’s an accurate reflection of the company’s technology offerings, as it has a large gap in the data processing market.

Ahead of the market pessimism, the US commercial segment posted 136% year-over-year sales growth in FQ1’22, before slowing to 120% in FQ2’22, 53% in FQ3’22 and 67% in FQ4’22. However, we should also point out that this is based on a hard year-over-year comparison, with FQ4’21 seeing 132% year-over-year sales growth. As overall market sentiment improves, we expect things to improve, possibly by H2’23, and we think the Fed will turn around by Q1’24.

Coincidentally, we agree with management’s strategic decision to partner with Cloudflare (NYSE: NET ) to help organizations optimize costs during a time of recession concerns. In the long term, this partnership could increase commercial demand for PLTR as it promises significant cost savings and operational efficiencies for cloud providers.

Some of the key benefits of the cloud compared to managing your own data center is the ability to handle large fluctuations in demand and adjust costs relatively quickly, especially during times of economic uncertainty. Our clients are looking for ways to save money, and we spend a lot of time helping them do just that. Customer orientation is in our DNA and informs how we view our relationships with customers and how we will work with them in the long term. (looking for an alpha)

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In particular, Palantir Foundry has integrated with Amazon Web Services [AWS] AMZN’s AI tools and machine learning tools over GOOG Google Cloud and MSFT Azure Intelligent Cloud. According to IDC (International Data Corporation), these cloud providers will account for 66% of the global market share by December 2022, making PLTR the number one AI software platform in terms of both market share and revenue in 2021. No wonder. The results will be published in September 2022.

This shows that PLTR is an excellent platform for investors to invest in AI capabilities, and now the market has globally recognized and embraced the same huge potential. The CEO already stated at the recent World Economic Forum that “countries with the fastest growing AI capabilities will enact national laws.” Right now, it appears to be in the US, where 63.1% of its FY2022 revenue comes from.

PLTR reported fiscal 2022 revenue of $826 million, up 22% year over year as it continues to earn the trust of the US government. Notably, the company received a High Potential DoD Influence Level 6 (IL6) PA award from the Defense Information Systems Agency in October 2022 along with MSFT and AMZN, indicating that they will build a solid military presence in partnerships in the coming years.

PLTR shares are currently trading around $10, having bounced back more than 60% from a December 6 low of $6. Naturally, this has caused the stock to trade above its historical 50-day moving average, and we remain bullish on the above factors.

Palantir Q4 Earnings 2022

Management also met its commitment to reduce stock-based compensation expense to $564.79 million by fiscal 2022, down -27.4% from $778.2 million in fiscal 2021 and down -55.5 % from the $127 million level in fiscal 2020. PLTR CEO Alex Karp said:

These are valid concerns. We have to address the weaknesses, what will the returns be, where will the returns grow, how transformative is the product. All valid concerns. We believe our business is stronger than ever, and we have plenty of evidence to back it up. We believe that our faith will convince the world many years from now, and that’s all that matters to me. (CNBC Television)

While PLTR has yet to initiate share buybacks to reduce its high share count of 2.06 billion, year-over-year growth slowed to a satisfactory 2.4% through 4Q2022 compared to 5.5% in 3Q22 and 8, 5 in Q2 2222%. FQ1’22 was 11.8%.

Although the company reported FQ4’22 GAAP net income of $31 million, this was primarily attributed to investment income of $13 million and a $44 million profit from the Palantir Japan joint venture. It is for this reason that investors are advised to look at the adjusted numbers to better understand its financial performance. However, analysts expected adj. FY2023 EPS will be $0.16, up 166.6% year-over-year from FY2022’s $0.06.

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Finally, the lack of debt exposure and strong liquidity of $2.6 billion in the last fiscal year suggest excellent insulation against long sales cycles in uncertain macroeconomic conditions.

Therefore, we continue to rate PLTR as a Buy. Given the opacity of its contracts and the lack of projected GAAP earnings through fiscal 2024, the stock is naturally only suitable for investors with a high risk tolerance.

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