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Mmat Stock – Meta Materials (NASDAQ: MMAT ) is still losing. The controversial functional materials company has proven that even with good news, it can’t give a significant boost. Today brought more bad news as the company released financial results for the fourth quarter and full year of 2022. After the recent Next Bridge Hydrocarbons spin-off, which saw shareholders run out of shares, many investors were excited to see what Meta Materials would bring. Despite the company posting mixed earnings, MMAT shares are lower today as the company reads “forward” in its report.

When stocks are in a race to the bottom, these types of red flags are the last thing investors want to see.

Mmat Stock

Not the worst trading day for MMAT stock, but certainly not the best. MMAT stock hit a low of $0.46 today. As of this writing, it is down nearly 11% on the day and shows no signs of recovery. Not that there’s much reason to go back. Words like “going concern” do not reassure investors that a company is on the right track. When we consider the recent deficit, it is difficult to see growth in the company’s future.

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What exactly is the active company currently driving the decline in MMAT stock? It appeared in the report as part of the identification of risk factors. According to a company statement:

“META has identified factors that cast significant doubt on the company’s ability to continue as a company and meet the requirements for a NASDAQ listing. META anticipates that it must implement cost-cutting measures under its control and immediately raise additional capital to expand the commercialization of its products, finance its operations, its to continue its research and development activities and to continue its operations.

The company has indicated that it may “pursue” other areas of financing, such as: B. sale or lease of corporate real estate, joint venture projects, or debt or equity financing. However, this formulation is not very reassuring, mainly because it reads like speculation. Until Meta Materials can successfully raise capital and demonstrate sustainable growth, MMAT stock will remain a volatile buy and concerns will remain.

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Meta Materials: Buy, Sell, Or Hold?

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Meta Materials Provides Update On The Series A Preferred Stock Dividend

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* Our stock forecasts and predictions are generated using machine learning and AI and should not be used for financial decision making. We cannot guarantee profits. After a bumpy end to 2022, Meta Materials (NASDAQ: MMAT ) stock could be off to a better start in 2023. Recently, the tech company has been in the news for its spin-off of subsidiary Next Bridge Hydrocarbons. Recently, however, it made waves at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), garnering positive praise and educating industry experts about its technology.

Today, MMAT stock is down more than 6% on negative market momentum, but that doesn’t mean the news from CES isn’t good. Meta Materials will leave this important event with an innovation award for one of its new technologies:

Mmat Institutional Ownership And Shareholders

“META was named a CES 2023 Innovation Awards winner for its transparent NANOWEB® EMI shielding film, which promises to make your microwave residue easier to find by removing the radiation shielding used on the window […] Technology is being used too much to eradicate it. reflective paper for manufacturing ice automotive sensors and electrochromic antennas and lenses for augmented reality and 5G.

What else should MMAT stock investors watch out for as CES 2023 progresses? Let’s take a closer look.

The official fair hasn’t even started yet, CES is scheduled to take place between January 5th and 8th. However, the fact that Meta Materials has already received an award puts the company in a great position. As markets adjust over the next couple of days, MMAT stock is likely to move higher as momentum builds.

Contributor David Moadel believes Meta Materials investors will be watching CES 2023 closely this week, “looking for that ‘wow’ factor in early 2023.” At NANOWEB, however, shareholders seem to already have reasons to be happy.

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NANOWEB isn’t the only Meta Materials product worth seeing at CES. Other products the company will showcase are the NPORE® Nanocomposite Ceramic Battery Isolator and Current Collector, designed for electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers.

However, Graham Mattison of Water Tower Research sees NANOWEB as particularly interesting, with the potential to launch in 2023:

“We expect META to announce at least one production deal this year, marking an important milestone in the company’s commercial revenue growth.”

Obviously, MMAT would be a great catalyst for stocks. In addition to the positive momentum thanks to CES, Meta Materials seems to be heading into 2023 with the wind in its grass.

Meta Materials Inc. (mmat.q) Signs Msa With Coulometrics

The biggest thing coming up is CES, which investors will be watching closely. If Meta Materials continues to make progress and fuel the forecast, it could even be positioned to reach $2 per share.

The market may be volatile at the moment, but the functional materials sector has plenty of room for growth in the new year –

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