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Koss Stock – Shares of KOSS Corporation (NASDAQ: KOSS ) were among the strongest last week, following a tweet that indicated it was the next target to tap with a short gain of more than 35%. However, after the recent rally, Finviz now shows that the interest rate on KOSS is less than 1%, which means that most of the short positions are now closed. is closed and the increase in the company’s shares is limited. Considering this and the fact that Coss makes less than $20 million in annual revenue with a market capitalization of nearly $500 million, it’s safe to assume that Coss shares are trading for more cash and will come down in the coming weeks. Therefore, we plan to open a short position in the company next week.

Cos is a company that manufactures headphones and speakers. Last week, the stock held up unusually well, as retail investors pumped the price from $3 per share to more than $110 per share in a matter of days. The company’s stock traded at $64 a share at the end of the week.

Koss Stock

The main driving force behind the unprecedented meeting was the so-called shorthand, which was started and endorsed by Redditors in the city of Wall Street gambling. For several days, traders were able to comfortably push Cos’ share price higher, until Thursday, when Robinhood, one of the biggest trading apps, stopped buying shares. After that, the streak that lasted for a few days gradually faded.

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However, the company’s Q2 earnings report released on Thursday also contributed significantly to this trend. In the report, the company said it was able to grow its revenue 18.4% Y/Y to $4.93 million, while at the same time its revenue was $508,890 for the period, against a revenue loss of $215,713 per year. Earlier its EPS of $0.07 in Q3 was better than EPS – $0.03 in the same period last year. Kos has managed to achieve such results because of the pandemic, which has forced many people to buy more electronic devices while working or studying from home. As the company’s CEO said:

Sales growth for the first quarter and six months was across multiple markets with US retailers, European retailers and domestic direct-to-consumer sales. We continue to see sales as people continue to study and work from home.

Management attributed the performance to the pandemic, suggesting that the slowdown in part due to earnings reports will not last long.

It is difficult to know when a stock will decline from previous levels, as the trend is still there. However, considering that the current short rate is less than 1%, it is safe to assume that the short rate is over and the stock price is about to drop significantly. With this in mind, we plan to short Kos stock over the next few days, as it is trading at irrational exuberance levels. We believe that like any process, this will also end and a rapid decline in the value of the company may occur due to the following events:

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We believe in a regulated but free market and we hope that we do not see any serious interference by the authorities. However, we also believe that there is a high possibility that retail investors may incur significant losses if they continue to hold Cos shares in their long-term positions. In fact, with a temporary float of less than 1%, it is safe to assume that the rise in this platform is limited.

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Analyst Note: We do not have positions in any of the stocks mentioned, but we may initiate a short position in KOSS in the next 72 hours. I wrote this article myself, and I am giving my opinion. I received no compensation for it (other than Seeking Alpha). I have no business relationship with the company whose shares are mentioned in this article.

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If you have an ad blocker, you may be blocked from continuing. Please turn off your ad blocker and relax. Koss (NASDAQ: KOSS ) is a headphone and electronics company that has gotten a lot of attention recently due to the rise of “mem stocks” like GameStop ( GME ) and AMC ( AMC ).

Retail investors are starting to focus on stocks with low returns and high short-term gains since the onset of the global pandemic in 2020. Stocks like Kos are a good trading bet, but they make a terrific long-term investment. If you are looking for more risk, focus your attention on the smallest stocks in the market.

Kos makes headphones and I remember having Kos stereo headphones when I was a kid in Washington DC.

Koss Kph7hb Portable Headphone Black Accs Lightweight

Since then, big tech companies like Apple ( AAPL ) have entered the headphone market and stolen market share from older headphone makers.

Cos reported net income of nearly $5 million in the quarter ending December 31, 2020. Net income was 7 cents (up from 3 cents in the same period in 2019). Many Americans have been forced to work from home during the global pandemic, which has helped boost electronics sales nationwide. TTM has sales of about $18 million, and the company has a cash position of $4.39 million. With a market cap of around $192 million, Cos stock trades at a good P/S ratio but lacks significant revenue growth in the near future.

Cos is a small company, but it has a lot of money but not as many advantages as other big tech companies. However, that hasn’t stopped traders from targeting the 63-year-old company as a key short-term target.

In late January, Reddit users of the “WallStreetBets” subreddit decided to join forces and make billions of dollars in profits by targeting floating stocks with high short positions. The goal is to force a hedge fund with a short position to buy the stock at a higher price in order to short it. Short-term traders borrow shares of stock, then sell them in hopes of repurchasing the shares at a lower price to make a profit.

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However, WallStreetBets knows that Wall Street short sellers make big mistakes. Cos has a short interest rate of over 38% with a low float. With a float of only 3 million, any significant increase in purchasing power will send the stock higher and force shorts to cover lost positions.

KOSS went from $3.34 to $10 between January 22 and 26, then rose to a high of $127. Robinhood famously stepped in and removed the buy button to stop the mysterious short signal.

Now that the dust has settled, Kos is under 14% interest and the WSB crowd has turned its attention to other short targets.

I can’t recommend Kos as a good, long-term investment because I write primarily about growth stocks that can return at least 30% to 40% annually. Cos is an old dinosaur of a company with little hope for future growth.

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The best way to play a stock is to monitor the RSI (Relative Strength Index) and volume. RSI is my favorite technical analysis indicator to see if a stock is overbought or oversold. We want to be aware of KOSS stock when it gets “bored” and the RSI drops to 50 or below.

Unfortunately, novice traders make the classic buying mistake and risk huge potential losses. Those who bought KOSS at $100 or more thought the stock would return to $200, but in reality, they lost money.

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