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Baidu Stock – Here’s my Baidu evidence collection video, the full Baidu research report continues below the video.

Baidu or NASDAQ stock: BIDU stock has performed extremely well since listing on NASDAQ in 2005. In Lynch parlance, the stock is about a 30-packer.

Baidu Stock

But, as usual with such emerging technologies, BIDU stock is very volatile. You will see price increases in 2007, 2011, 2015, 2020 and now February 2021.

Baidu Baike Black And White Stock Photos & Images

Baidu is a great example of how a product can be made big and then forgotten, but the company continues to grow by doing well and solving short-term problems. As you can see from the analysis, the current share price reflects the excitement about robotics, AI, the cloud and autonomous driving, and if the stock market doesn’t immediately reflect expectations, there are years of bad work to think about. . BIDU stock is currently ‘Cool’ and holds a 3-

Over the past 5 years, we’ve seen a 66% decline from 2018 to March 2020, when the company was shut down, and then again, a 35% decline from its February 19, 2021 high of $354.82.

In addition to the decline since February, BIDU shares were hit hard with a 25% call drop due to a $20 billion margin call by several banks led by Bill Hwang Achegos Capital Management on closing some blocks of BIDU, Tencent. , Vipshop, Farfetch, iQIYI, ViacomCBS, Discovery and GSX Techdu. A margin call led to a sudden drop of 25% in the second liquid.

In addition to creating an opportunity, BIDU’s price performance often reflects the effect of accelerated trading through margin lending, as BIDU’s share price rose in Q4 2020 and early 2021, before the timing shift in technology. these days. However, this creates volatility, and volatility is one of a stock investor’s best friends.

Why Baidu Stock Jumped 20.6% In February

Volatility is always interesting because if you look at the fundamentals of the business, you can take advantage of market volatility and price changes. Let’s dive deeper into BIDU, build an earnings model, compare it to western investment options and see how BIDU earns and pays.

The company lists its shares in HK, which may limit risks associated with US-listed Chinese stocks and the negative political environment there. Baidu stock number is 9888 in HK.

50% of listed proceeds will be used for AI R&D and 40% for development of Baidu mobile ecosystem. The remaining 10% is for commercial purposes.

Based on the above price and 2,774,129,040 shares issued, the market capitalization is 605 billion HKD or $77.8 billion USD at the time of writing (4

Here’s How Much You Would Have Made Owning Baidu Stock In The Last 15 Years

International investors with access to HK may consider an alternative listing to avoid US regulatory issues and liquidity restrictions. However, the maximum amount for HK is 50 units, but check the investment opportunities with your broker.

It is worth noting that Baidu has already bought $4.5 billion worth of shares at a price below the offer for the stock to be listed on the HK. Therefore, they did not let the stockists down and actually sold at lower prices and made more profit. On the other hand, it is important to pay by portion.

Baidu has a 56.5% stake in iQIYI (Nasdaq: IQ ), a large Chinese video platform that I also look at with stock price analysis.

Most of the content used for this Baidu company information is obtained from Baidu’s new HK catalog. The registration form is the best document to get the best information about the business details.

Baidu Soars By 12% During The Day Following App User, Iqiyi Growth

Baidu presents itself as a leading AI company, but its main focus is on the search engine industry in China, with Baidu increasing in use due to its high performance and better search with high revenue per user. 70% of revenue comes from Baidu core business unit and the rest from iQIYI. Other businesses include cloud services and smart mobility under the Baidu core division.

In November 2020, Baidu entered into binding agreements with JOYY Inc. You can access its home live streaming business in China including the YY mobile app, website and YY PC. So, Baidu has room to add and can follow what Google did with YouTube but YY Live is more about girls than a real video machine. However, they can build on it.

The chart below describes Baidu’s main business activities; A mobile ecosystem with Baidu App, Baidu Cloud and Intelligent Driving.

Baidu has a solid search market share of 72% with 538 million monthly users and 208 million daily users. Their search market share is stable as competitors have tried and failed to create similar search engines – the longer your position, the stronger your moat because users can easily access all of Baidu’s data. for discovery. Baidu’s main challenge is to monetize search and build an ecosystem around the search engine and not as a stand-alone program in the Chinese digital landscape.

Baidu: 3 Trades To Take Advantage Of Recent Price Slip

Baidu’s key is building an ecosystem based on search traffic, which isn’t easy, but the company is investing a lot and could do interesting things along the way. Ecosystems should be built around search, AI, autonomous driving and other evolving options.

BIDU is investing heavily in AI and has established itself as one of the leading, if not the top AI industries in China.

The industry has strengths such as AI and scale that allow key players to scale up and accelerate the domestic growth traffic of the Chinese economy.

While the above CIC report is considered independent market research, it should be noted that the data source reported by Baidu is actually employed by Baidu.

Baidu (bidu) Q3 2023 Earnings: What To Expect

Therefore, the CIC data presented in the HK catalog should be taken with a grain of salt. If you get paid by someone to do research, it’s no surprise that CIC features Baidu’s offer.

In addition to its search-related business, Baidu is building its cloud-related business. The cloud service industry in China is expected to grow by 37.2% in the coming years.

I’ll talk about specific revenue segments, but Baidu’s cloud business grew 44% in 2020 and if it continues to match market growth, it really needs a market analysis somewhere. 10 Procurement Method.

Baidu is currently the leader in licensing and autonomous driving in China. In the 2020 Beijing Autonomous Vehicles Road Test Report, Baidu’s Apollo has won for the past 3 years, despite Tesla not participating.

Sven Carlin 20210405 Baidu Stock Analysis

Baidu has entered into a joint venture with multinational automaker Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (Geely) to develop intelligent EVs (owned by Volvo). Plans have not been shared, but it is expected to take about 3 years from design to market.

Baidu has the Apollo Robotaxi project with 3 Apollo Go Robotaxi pilot projects in Beijing, Changsha and Cangzhou. Apollo is China’s market leader with 199 autonomous driving licenses accumulated over 4.3 million test miles in China. Baidu spent 11.8 billion RMB on Apollo’s development in the first 9 months of 2020, while rivals such as NIO (NIO Stock Analysis) and Li Auto spent 1.7 billion and 0.7 billion, respectively.

Autonomous driving, software-based AI and robotics and other intelligent vehicles will be major contributors to on-road revenue. When we can’t see right now, but it’s the future and Baidu is positioning itself as a major player in China and elsewhere.

Since the property is not available, you as a real estate investor want to get it for free, let’s discuss the income model and the total amount of equity again. However, as discussed in Peter Lynch’s One Up on Wall Street, the best way to predict future trends is to buy a company with a promising future in the market.

Chatbot Frenzy Drives Baidu’s Stock Rally To Extreme Levels

Other business areas Baidu has focused on are AI chips, healthcare and other growth opportunities. The company always invests in small businesses and small businesses. In the tech world, you never know what’s going to happen. Currently, Baidu’s net worth is over 75 billion RMB.

The most important table about Baidu’s other business opportunities in the Chinese market is the addressable market calculation made by CIC. No

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