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One Service for all your PC needsSatisfy all your computer needs with QuuSoft One-Stop Solutions package. Download the software, subcrible to our service and you will be starting to solve PC problems and enjoy the enriched PC life within minutes.

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QuuSoft One-Stop Solutions Premium 1-on-1 Tech Support. Select Your Service, Send the Requests and Watch Your Problems Sovled.


Your service is fabulous! My laptop became very slow and properly be with virus or spyware. I had installed Norton 360 however, that does not seem to work quite well and even more and more slowly. And James from your service saved my day! Thank you. I don't need any software no more.
Thomas Jefferson, Detroit, US

Great service! Get my problems sovled beautifully.
Richard Gasquet, Canada


  • You can't uninstall a program using Windows Add/Remove Programs
  • Files have been corrupted or gone missing and the uninstall will not continue
  • You think that you've uninstalled a program but it still shows up when rebooting computer

What our service does provide:

  • Our agent will connect to your computer
  • Fully evaluate the stubborn program affecting performance
  • Install and configure QuuSoft Uninstaller to thoroughly remove the program
  • Recommend steps and ensure other programs can be uninstalled by yourself in the future
  • You can be offered to use QuuSoft Uninstaller for free (1 year license and 1 year free UNLIMITED Email support), a $39.95 value!

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