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Five steps to get your a newer computer.

QuuSoft Uninstaller

Uninstall the application, but also clean the registry files and leftovers; protect your PC from corrupted registry, improving PC performance and speed.

  • Easily and completely uninstall programs
  • Forcibly show and uninstall hidden programs
  • Restore Registry and files to any previous state
  • Easy to use with friendly user interface
$34.95 per year Learn More

QuuSoft Registry Cleaner

Complete registry repair and system optimization suite, which can be used to repair corruption within your registry keys, registry classes/settings.

  • Easily and completely repair PC errors.
  • Provide the overall care for PC performance.
  • Ensure system stability and improve Performance.
  • Quickly review scan and fixing results.
$29.95 per year Learn More

QuuSoft Memory Savior

Save your computer from the standard Windows sluggish memory management completely out of box; run PC much faster without being hijacked by the sluggish Windows memory management.

  • Recover memory leaks from programs/processes.
  • Defrag and compact your physical memory.
  • Recover and allocate computer memory effectively.
$29.95 per year Learn More

QuuSoft Duplicate Cleaner

Powerful and professional tool that helps people to scan and clean a large amount of duplicate Photos, Music, Videos and Outlook Emails.

  • Clean duplicate docs/musics/photos/Emails.
  • Find & Clean Outlook duplicate Emails.
  • Safely find duplicates from folders or drives.
  • Export duplicates to HTML/TXT/XML/CSV document.
$29.95 per year Learn More

QuuSoft Junk File Cleaner

Thoroughtly clean out various log files, index files, backup files of various kinds, large files generated by crashes, files with zero sizes, temporary files.

  • Remove backup files of various kinds
  • Remove large files of generated by crashes
  • Remove files with zero size & log files
  • Remove a whole bunch of temperary files.
$19.95 per year Learn More

QuuSoft Privacy Cleaner

Completely Erase the IE cache, cookies, history, typed URLs, autocomplete history, and Window's temporary folder, run history, search history, open/save history, recent documents, etc.

  • Quickly & thoroughly scan for privacy leftovers.
  • Permanently shred unwanted files and folders.
  • Clean up cookies and auto-complete data/files.
$29.95 per year Learn More